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Related article: Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 21:49:57 -0700 (PDT) From: Lee Writen Subject: Adventures of a closeted farm boy ch 2*Note: In chapter one I said Lee is the middle of 5 boys, which is wrong he is the middle child of a total of 3 boys I got carried away in my typing speed. Sorry for the mistyping. Also, this chapter is dealing with Lee's first time so it may not be as exciting for you as it is a more realistic first time then a fantasy first time.* End of Chapter 1Lee sits there enjoying the blow job he is getting and slowly continues to jack off John's cock.Suddenly he stops.John, "I'm ready to fuck if you are, you want to fuck me first or me fuck you?" Chapter 2Lee, "You can fuck me first; just go slow please this is my first time."John, "OK, here" as he throws Lee a condom and puts on himself. He then grabs Lee, has him move to the side of the bed and lie down with his ass at the edge. He then lubes up his finger and slowly slides it in. Lee's ass immediately clenches down on the intruder.John, "Relax; it goes in easier if you push out slightly and relax." He slowly started pushing in and added another finger. As he fucked Lee's ass with his fingers he tried spreading them opening him more. After a couple of minutes John pulled his fingers out and placed the head of his cock at Lee's hole.John, "Here it comes man, make sure to relax." Slowly he pushed forward, easing his 5 inch dick into Lee's ass.Lee groaned in pain as he had never had anything in his ass before. Slowly John thrust in and out till Lee felt the pubes on his ass. John sat for a minute allowing Lee to adjust and get used to the invader inside of him.John, "Are you ready?"Lee, "Yea, get going."John starts to pump in and out shoving his cock into Lee's ass. Lee lies there not really enjoying him self, he thinks maybe it will get better as time goes because right now all he can think is, dam this doesn't feel as good as the stories say.He finds himself falling into a submissive role allowing John to use his body to get off hoping that when he fucks John it will feel as good as everyone says. Suddenly he feels a stinging on his ass. John has just slapped it. Lees laughs to himself think dam he's trying to get kinky.I wish I knew what to do, maybe some noises or words to say to make him think I am enjoying this but I don't know what to do, Lee thinks as he lays there like a dead fish, allowing John to slow plow his ass. Lee, "What's wrong?" John has just pulled out of Lee.John, "Come over here," John walks over in front of the TV and lies down. Lolita Girls Toplist "I want you to ride me know, sit down on my cock facing away from me."Lee walks over stands over John and slowly squats down on John's cock. He grimaces in pain as he lowers himself onto the hardened member of John's body, slowly he starts to rise and lower himself on the cock. "Ouch, I can't do this I'm sorry it hurts to much this way."John, "Try facing me and ride me that way."Lee gets off the cock, turns around and lowers himself onto the waiting cock. "Mmmmm, that feels good that way," as he starts to slowly ride John's cock. He does this for about a minute.John, "Get off." Lee still in his odd and out of character submissive roll complies. "Lay on the bed and put you feet up." Once more Lee complies. John then pushes into Lee's ass again and starts plowing his Lolita Girls Toplist ass.Dam this hurts, why can't I just tell him to stop, I wish we could go back to me riding him where this actually felt good. These are all thoughts running threw Lee's head as he continues to rock back and forth as John pumps into him.John, "I can't go on you need to fuck me now." He pulls out of Lee and takes off the condom throwing it to the side. He pulls Lee up and takes his place at the edge of the bed. Lee grabs his condom and slowly opens it, then places it on the head of his penis. Slowly he rolls it down slowly jacking himself off getting his cock fully hardened to its full 6 inches.John, "Here make sure to lube me up first," as he hands Lee a bottle of lube.Lee grabs the lube and adds more to his condom covered dick. He shudders at having to put a finger up this dudes ass. After he feels like he has lubed himself enough he puts the head of his cock to John's ass hole and starts to push in.John, "Dam! Slow down, you feel huge. How big are you?"Lee blushing, "I am only 6 inches; I don't think I am that big. Should I go slower?"John, "Dam, well it sure feels like a thick fucker! Now just get it in slow then go whatever speed you want to." Lee slowly pushed his cock into John's ass.Well at least all the stories have one thing right ass hole are hot, Lee thought. He felt his pubes hit John's bare ass and he started to push in and pull out slowly. He did this for a while then started to speed up.John, "Slap my ass, hit it hard!" So Lee started to occasionally slap John's ass.Lee, "Lay on you stomach, I want to fuck you from behind." Lee pulls out of John's ass as he turns and lies on his stomach. Lee then gets back behind John and pushes into his ass. He does this for another 30 minutes.John, "Dam it feels so good, but are you close to coming?"Lee, "No, I could probably go another half hour or more you wanna just suck me off? I gotta go soon."John, "Ok your cock is perfect for sucking on and I love how you just leak so much precum constantly, now get up on the bed and lay back on the pillows." Lee does as told and soon finds his cock once more surrounded by a hot moist mouth. Dam he does that good, at least its better than his loose ass, Lee thinks, he must get fucked daily or something to be as loose as he felt. He immediately feels bad for the thoughts since John does so great and cock sucking.Lee, "So when I get close, do you want me to just shoot in your mouth or where?"John, "Just let me know cause I want you to shoot your load all over my face."After a couple more minutes Lee feels his body start to tense up in the pre-moments of coming.Lee, "I'm right there I am right about to come." John immediately takes his mouth off Lee's dick and starts sucking on his nuts. As he does this the need to come leaves Lee.Lee, "Why did you do that I wanted and needed to come?"John, Lolita Girls Toplist "Because, I don't want you to leave and if you bust your nut you are going to leave and I want you to stay longer."Lee gaining back some of his assertiveness, "Sorry dude, but I am going to leave within 30 minutes whether I come or not, so why don't you just start sucking my cock again." With that John puts his mouth back around Lee's mouth.Another 5 minutes pass and Lee feels himself getting close and his body starts to tense, John also notices and pulls off and starts sucking his nuts doing the same thing again.Lee, "Dude, are you serious? You trying to not make me come again?"John, "Yea, I'm sorry I just like fucking you and don't want you to leave."Lee, "Sorry man not wanting to be an asshole, but I am horny and I want to get off and I have to get to work in a couple of hours and I want to sleep first, so why don't you suck my balls while I jack off and shoot on your face?" John slowly lowers his face to Lee's balls and starts to suck and massage them. Lee then wraps his hand around his cock and slowly starts to move it up and down paying special attention to his sensitive spot right under the head. He started rubbing faster moving his hand up and down not stopping when he felt him self getting close. He sped up even more moaning the whole time.John started to play with Lee's nipples, finally getting into the mood of helping him get off. Suddenly Lee's whole body tensed and shook.Lee, "FUCK! I'm Cumming!!" He shot his load and it sprayed onto John's face, coating it.Lee stopped jerking his cock and lay there panting. "Fuck that felt good, but I'm sorry I gotta run."John started to wipe the cum off of his face, "Well, you had at least got to shower before you leave, you can't go home smelling like sex."What the fuck is he talking about, I have talked to people right after they fucked and never smelled anything, thought Lee. Well how was that everyone? I hope you enjoyed it and am looking for more to come. Let me know what you think. Do you think I should write a short prequel explaining why Lee has waited so long to start having sex in life? What do you think is that something you would like to know? Well let me know send all your comments to Oh and yes some of this is from my personal life, mind you it's not much though.
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